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Aside from our purely naturist events, we also put on events for guys who want to explore their sexuality and practices.  It's also an event to lose your inhibitions and become more confident with yourself and your sexuality, and all the imaginary that goes with it.

This event is at a lovely secluded venue just south of Yeovil - using the venue's share spaces, both indoor and out.

At this event we offer you the chance to heighten your erotic tensions as the day progresses.


We start with a Meet & Greet session, which kicks off at 4pm sharp.   Get to meet the hosts, all your fellow event guests, as well as the guys who will be modelling and performing for us.

  • At 5pm we host our first main event - ArtBuff - Erotic Life Drawing - where we provide you with paper, drawing materials and three nude models. You'll be asked to simply draw the models at this point and not touch them.  The models will be in erotic poses, with erections on show.

  • At 7pm we take a break for our Buffet Dinner, giving us another chance to get to know one another, but still not able to flirt with our models or each other. 

  • At 8pm it's Stripperama where we have four strippers ready to perform for you on stage.   This time you can get to be more intimate with our models.   After the striptease, the guys will find ways of getting you naked and we'll continue as a naked social evening.

All in all this is a tension building event, set in a beautiful, rural and very safe and secure venue.

We're happy to answer any more questions about this event and booked you at the B&B if you want to stay over - email us at

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