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SEX... we all love a bit of it don't we?  It makes the world go around and it certainly should be enjoyed in abundance!

GaleaXtra offers you random events and workshops that will educate you, tease you, tickle your fancy, whet your whistle, and send you home feeling replenished and fullfed.

Sex is a strange beast; it can either be mechanical and clockwork or flow beautifully.   Why not flow majestically and delve into our package of exciting events that will take you down the right path to sexual enlightenment.  Enjoy better sex, be that on your own, in a partnership or within a group.

From EROTIC adult evenings to more intimate workshops, we hope GaleaXtra will offer you something fresh and exciting. 

We’ll also be working with our friends in the region and directing to you to the various other sexual and fetish events.

We’ll keep you up to date on this page with news on the latest events or check them out directly on the Events page.

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