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The Premier Naturist Network for UK Men

At Naked Knights, we are passionate about naturism and creating a safe, comfortable space for like-minded men to socialise and be at one with their nakedness.


Our private members club is open to all men who share our beliefs and values, regardless of their background or experience.

We pride ourselves on being a community of individuals who are respectful, mindful, and welcoming at all times.


We understand that everyone has their own level of comfort when it comes to nudity and we do our best to make sure everyone feels at ease.

We are also proud to offer a unique guarantee that all our events will be purely social and that sexual activity of any kind is forbidden.

Naked Knights, launched in Bristol in July 2023, following on from our successful BareBristol event which has been running since December 2021. We boast a large and growing membership of loyal attendees, so much so that we now have to limited the amount of people attending our events.

Our goal is to cover the UK with the kind of events we currently offer in the West of England. The main social event is our first focus, followed other events such as Naked Dining and smaller events put on by our members

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We will be adding more diary dates to compliment our social meets.   Such as days out, sports, etc.  Plus, a few non naturist social events to build our community spirit.  In 2024 we will begin to roll out our events across the UK.

We look forward to welcoming you into the Naked Knights family and introduce you to the wonderful world of naturism.

Please note that you must be a subscribed member of GaleaGuys to attend our Naked Knights events.


For options on how to subscribe, please click the button below

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