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GaleaGuys is safe space for men to socialise with new friends who share the same interests in Wellbeing, Spirituality, Art & Creativity and, most importantly, who enjoy, or would like to revisit, their sexual passions, and desires. From pure Naturism to Erotica and everything in between, we offer events that cater for the needs of men who seek a little more in their lives.

We proudly offer bespoke events and workshops to be better your lives, be that physically or mentally.   Each event and workshop is clearly marked for the content it is offers and come with a handful of rules we’d like you adhere to, aside from that we want you to be yourselves and become part of the GaleaGuys family.

On our menu banner you’ll find the current events we offer; starting with BareBristol, a purely Naturist event for guys who like to hang out naked.  We have a monthly social group, a spring/summer diary of meets outdoors etc.

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ArtBuff is our new Erotic Life Modelling event where you draw or paint our amazing models.  We have massage events and workshops, plus more adult orientated events to tease and tantalise. Please click on the menu above for more information, where you’ll also find links to sites that may interest you.  


We also have our active forum where you can chat to guys, like a post etc.  Plus, you can also chat with members via our Messenger service. 


GaleaGuys is currently offering events across the West of England, covering Gloucestershire in the north to Somerset in the south of our region. We do have guys who visit us from further afield though and we do intend to start covering other areas of the UK later this year and into 2024.   We are currently a free service, however we will start to charge a small monthly/yearly fee from the summer.


We hope you love GaleaGuys as much as we do. Join us today!

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